Canoe rental

Canoe or kayak, you can rent them both and make a wonderful trip.
We also have barrels so your belongings stay dry (lunch, phone, etc) .
This way you can have fun all day on the water.
There is certainly a difference between a canoe and kayak.
A Canadian canoe is always open and has benches.
Most kayaks are closed.

We offer the following:

  • 1 person kayaks
  • 2 person kayaks
  • Canadian canoes (3-person)

Kayak rental

Most people rent the single-person kayak mainly to cover long distances through the beautiful nature of the Nieuwkoopse Plassen (Nieuwkoop) in the middle of the Groene Hart. The 2-person kayak is mainly used for groups with children. Then we have the Canadian canoe that is ideally suited to make a relaxing trip and also has more space.In Noorden (Nieuwkoop) starts the red route which you can extend. It is of course also nice to combine canoeing with supboarding.The real fanatics can go around the entire Nieuwkoopse Plassen. Click here for routes

In addition we also organize company, friends, family, bachelors, children’s and school outings.
View our packages with the buttons below.
If you have sporty friends, family or acquaintances then you can come to us for a gift voucher.

Sporting activities for a company outing, birthdays, bachelor parties and family parties


Electric boats: € 30,- per hour / € 155,- per day

  single person kayak: € 8,- per hour/ € 30,- per day

 2-person kayak: € 10,- per hour / € 40,- per day

 Canadian canoe: € 10,- per hour / € 40,- per day

Electric boat deposit € 50,- cash

 Canoe routes: € 1,50 




 Sup board: First hour € 15,- per person following hours € 12,50 per person.  

 Sup board: 3 hour time period (10:00 to 13: 00/14: 00 to 17:00): € 35,- per person.

Supboard: Daily rate: € 50,- per person.
Introduction lesson: € 27,50 per person
Workshop / tour 1-5 people under supervision: € 45,- per person
(1.5 to 2 hours)
Workshop / tour 8-10 people under supervision: € 35,- per person
(1.5 to 2 hours)
Larger groups, more than 10 people is also possible,
Call or email for more information:
tel: 0172-407094 (Noorden)
Wetsuits: € 5,-








Price changes with reservation








Beautiful sailing routes in Nieuwkoop and Roelofarendsveen


Together with Cafe de Klinker, we offer several arrangements 

Picknickbasket on the lake
High Tea